Welcome to New Leaf Foundation

New Leaf Foundation is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit (501) (c) (3) organization established in 2015 to provide support to inmates in prisons in the West African country of Nigeria. New Leaf Foundation is focused on providing the tools, opportunities, and inspirational programs that help inmates make responsible decisions and avoid repeat offenses. Our programs are dedicated to bringing positive change, offering education, and helping prisoners fulfill their individual life mandates and dreams.

Our Mission is to meet people at the crossroads of life. We endeavor to transform the cycle of hopelessness into a pathway of hope by using human skills and resources to resuscitate the brokenhearted. We desire to change the helpless suffering caused by injustice into a successful reintegration into society.

Our Vision is to serve as a portal through which the downtrend can facilitate and access justice, improve the unjust conditions of their incarceration, and receive succor.

Our philosophy is one of turning despair into hope. We must catalyze the improvement of Nigeria’s justice system. Change must be made to Nigeria’s prisons: they must cease to be death traps and become a place of learning and reform.  We can provide the means for incarcerated individuals to leave prison as productive members of society instead of broken, bitter failures, and we will relentlessly pursue all avenues of reform to positively impact the life of each individual prisoner.


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1. The R-E-V-I-V-E programs

Re-Entry programs Under the re-entry program, NLF liaises with Nigeria’s Ministry of the Interior Affairs to ensure that inmates who are due for release within 18 months undergo a training and guidance program to prepare them to resettle comfortably into free society.

Free Legal Aid services NLF has its own legal representatives; their role is to help Nigeria’s inmates to access and receive justice without undue delay. Our representatives ensure that inmates are informed of their right to bail, as well as opportunities and avenues they can utilize to appeal against unjust sentences.

2. The New Leaf Skills Acquisition Programs

Marketable Job Skills In the Skills Acquisition programs, inmates learn practical skills that prepare them to earn a living and become active, earning members in the job market upon their release from prison. With the help of NLF training personnel, the vocational training we provide helps inmates choose and learn marketable skills that they enjoy and can use productively as a trade. NLF finds the money spent on this program to be of immeasurable value because skilled former inmates normally find it relatively easy to re-integrate in their respective communities. They gain self- esteem and because they are gainfully employed, the community is at ease and should not feel threatened by former inmates.

Employment Aids Acceptance The benefits gained from this program have immeasurable value. Their acquired skills allow inmates to re-integrate more easily into their respective communities. Gainful employment increases their self-esteem, and they feel better about themselves as they fulfill a useful role in the community. This increases the likelihood of perpetuating the role and decreases the likelihood of the former inmate repeating a crime that would remove him from his current position of acceptance.  The community also feels less threatened; the reformed inmate is regarded as a useful contributor to the community instead of an object of fear and suspicion.  Thus, the community more easily accepts the return of the individual into society, and the transition becomes easier.

What We Do


New Leaf Foundation (NLF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with offices in the United States and Nigeria. We work tirelessly to improve the state of Nigerian prisons. Our goal is to initiate and support system reforms so that prisoners are re-integrated into society as better citizens and useful contributors to the work force. To accomplish this, we must change the way prisons are currently run in Nigeria.  We encourage prison management to bring humanity into the prison system. We provide instruction to teach prisoners skills to prepare them for jobs when they are released.  Under our auspices, training programs are incorporated into the prison system that help prisoners become self-reliant, improve their self-esteem, and make them more likely to survive successfully when re-integrated into their respective communities upon release.

Why We Need to Help Nigeria’s Inmates

  • Nigeria’s prison conditions are deplorable, with conditions often analogous to death trap.
  • Thousands of inmates are unjustly incarcerated and have no recourse.
  • Cases can take years to go to trial.
  • Many inmates lose hope and succumb to death in prison.
  • Many former inmates suffer trauma and do not have the skill sets to find work in their communities.
  • Re-integration into communities is challenging, if not impossible.