To Spread Love & Compassion

Thousands of Nigerian children are homeless, with most of them being males. They generally have a low level of education and come from poor families, most of which were polygamous. Sleeping under bridges, at the beach, in marketplaces and in derelict buildings, these children survive by indulging in hardcore labor, begging, and indulging in commercial sex.

On top of that, they are subject to sexual and substance abuse, molestation, harsh weather conditions, police harassment, insecurity, and other forms of mistreatment and exploitation. All these maladies can result in an array of serious health conditions, and a lack of access to health services combined with alcoholism and malnutrition can mean that some might not even make it to adulthood.

A Ray of Hope

The New Leaf Foundation’s compassion ministry restores the dignity and innocence of homeless, regardless of their religious beliefs. Based entirely on Christian values, the ministry offers comprehensive activities and services to provide homeless children with their day to day needs such as food, clothing, education, and safety.

The organization helps the homeless, newly migrated families and less-advantaged homes. We provide basic household necessities for those who cannot afford them. These families receive a weekly supply of groceries as support. Run by NLF, this ministry is committed to helping the homeless in our communities.

Join us and become a beacon of hope for the homeless families!