Below are a few letters we have received from some of the families we have served. Each of these has been copied exactly as written with the exception of protecting their names. Though many express gratitude to an individual or to the foundation, the true sentiment from each family is gratitude towards God and to each of you who supported them in their time of need. God’s blessings to each of our families and to those who gave so selflessly.

Sincerely, your sister in Christ, BGTWBLove, NSGBLHGBN.SVB and Family:) Sincerely,GBA Child of GodJ.CS.C.One Life…One Love…One Destiny, L.J.Sincerely, N.F.J & the girlsTSDeniseSincerely,     CHSincerely,  JBSincerely,  CH
I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior! It always seems to amaze me, how God sends people into your life to remind us of how special we are to him! I am a 42 year old single parent of 2 nine year old girls and a fourteen year old son. I had fallen into a situation of hardship be it by my willingness to try and help others or try making decisions on my own “without the consent of God”!! I just want to try and tell you a little about the goodness and mercy of God. We were living with a relative for about 18 months after I lost my job. I already had bills piled up from the separation of my husband of about 10 years. I was introduced to a lady whom entrusted her town house to me for $675.00 a month. I needed to pay Duke Energy $200.00 to transfer my lights into my name. Well I looked at my check for that week and it was $227.00, because I had missed a day of work at the dentist office with one of the girls who had bad ulcers on her gum. I said, “Lord you know we’re gonna need these lights, but what am I gonna do about my tithes, gas for the week, and my car insurance? So I left it at that and went and paid my security deposit. I asked my dad, but he had a lot on him at the time, because my mother has just had a total knee replacement and was not working. I than share this with one of my church member whom I have been friends since the late 70’s, we always encourage each other at all times. Lo and behold did we know that God already had a “ram in the bush.” She was than sharing my plight with Mr. John Gennings and it is my understanding that it was his teenage daughter who took her gift of reaching out to others and made calls to allow someone to bless me and my kids with the deposit that I had paid Duke Energy and all this within 24 hours of me talking to Veronica. I’ve written part of a testimony to say this, if you meet anyone that says, “God is not real and they don’t believe in God” please let me meet them!! For God has said that if we trust and obey him and keep his commandments holy, He will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing and you will not have the room to receive them. The devil tried to give me a break down in my mind but God renewed my spirit and gave me a break through. Continue to pray for my kids and I as we keep you in our prayers. All praise and honor to “God.”
Sincerely, your sister in Christ, BGT
I just wanted to take out some time to let you know how thankful my family and I are for you and The New Leaf Foundation. I am continuing to look for work and following up with the places I have put in applications. I know that God has an open door for me. I have also looked into the possibility of working at home I have put in my application and they did my background check and I am eligible for the program, but I have to pay for the class and get internet in my home. So., I am telling you these things to let you know that I am so appreciative of you, the Rev and The New Leaf Foundation and to let you know that I am not just sitting around waiting for something to happen. I am doing the possible and I know that God is going.
John, I would like to send you a very special thank you for the blessing you gave to me and Nicholas. Words can't express how much we thank you. This has allowed us to grow as a mother and son. I will continue to pray for blessing over you and your lovely family.
Love, NS
Dear John, I would like to express my heart felt appreciation for all of the love that you and the New Leaf Foundation has shown to me, the Christ Resurrection Church family and the community in-need at large. It is very encouraging to know that there are still people in the world that try to help those in need when things seem so dim. The initiative you and the New Leaf Foundation has shown with your donations and monetary assistance actually lets one know that someone loves them. In my case, it was actually a big motivating factor to not give up. It inspired me in a way, that if someone else cared about me, I should care for myself and try to help someone else. During the past year, you and the New Leaf Foundation has assisted me in a way that enabled me to keep my apartment and continue looking for work. These were very difficult and confusing times. But by the grace of GOD and assistance from you, I am still living in my apartment and have now obtained employment. I continually try to spread the blessings I have received to others and again I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the things you do. I would also like to thank the donors which contribute to your cause. Because without their contributions your efforts may be minimized and many people that actually need that bridge of support that you offer may not receive it. I for one am committed to extending the blessing that you have given me to someone else, in hopes that it will perpetuate. Once again with my deepest degree of gratitude... THANK YOU!
Dear John, I just want to take this opportunity, once again, to thank you and the New Leaf Foundation for your kindness, generosity and concern. Each day by the grace of God, I'm continuing to progress in the process to becoming self-sufficient. I truly know that with the help and support of people like you and the New Leaf Foundation a better day is not far ahead. Right now I am in Savannah, GA assisting with the annual summer camp trip, which could not have been if it were not for your support. Again thank you. I love you and may God bless you and yours.
New Leaf Foundation, I want to send my gratitude to you Mr. Gennings and your foundation. I want to thank you so much for the washer and dryer. You helped me out in such a big way. I want to thank your in-laws too. You all are such great people. May God continue to bless you all. Continue to be a blessing to others.
Dear New Leaf Foundation, Laura and John, Words can't describe how much gratitude I have for your foundation, blessing me and my daughter with a new car! For the last past 3 years or more, I've asked God to bless us with a car with no payments. The car that I was driving had many issues, leaking oil, cracked engine, transmission problems, couldn't afford tires for the vehicle, but I remembered Philippians 4:19 - But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. So I had a chance to speak with Mr. Gennings about my situation on needing a car. He didn't hesitate about helping me in finding a car. Although the economy is in a bad state right now and people are not giving as much like in the past, it took about 2 months, but he would call me weekly to check on me and let me know that he hadn't forgot about me just haven't found a car that I wanted, and I would say; Mr. G I know you're going to find the right car for us, maybe it's not the right time yet. God really has a plan when the time is right! And I received a call from Mr. G and he ask if I could meet him at Matthews Motor, he told me that he had found a car! I was filled with pure joy and thanking God for supplying my need. So we met at the dealership, and went in the office to sign papers for the car and when the owner, said the car was paid for in full, I couldn't contain myself, eyes filled with tears my heart was pounding so hard, is this really happening to me? God has really answered our prayers. None of this would have ever happened without God being all so present in our lives, and New Leaf Foundation, working so hard in making dreams come true. I'm so ever grateful to your organization. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in getting us this car! (1999 Honda Accord LX). May God continue to Bless you and your family!
VB and Family:)
I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the recent financial assistance I received from the New Leaf Foundation and for the swiftness that it was done. Again, by God's intervention, the total amount of my request was not required at this time. With your immediate response to my situation, very large late fees were avoided.In these economic times, being unemployed and unemployment benefits being exhausted can cause a state of panic. But, with faith in God and your assistance, a brighter day is here. Just three days after my request, I received a notice of a second tier of unemployment benefits. With this, I will be able to meet my financial obligations for another day. For, we know, tomorrow is not promise on this earth.Having said that, I still continue to pass the blessing on, by rendering any service that I can, in our continuing commitment to help others. Again, thank you and the New Leaf Foundation for your support.Always looking for a better tomorrow for all.
Thank you so very much for all that you have done in help me through my transition and financial situation. In these needy and stressful times, it is great to know that there is always someone, somewhere that is willing to help whenever someone calls. You are the angels to my life and I will never forget what you've done. May God richly bless you and I love you very much.Thank you again,
A Child of God
I must start this email of by saying God is so good all the time. He has brought me this far so I know he wont turn his back on me now. I know that what I am going through is only temporary. As they say "Troubles don't last always!" I am a single parent of two beautiful girls. They are the reason I am trying to succeed in life. Unfortunately, my girls' fathers are not an active part of their lives. Sometimes we choose the wrong road to travel and don't realize until you are at a dead end and must turn around. I have been to my dead end and I've made a u-turn. Just eight months ago, I was homeless (staying with my mother and step-father), without reliable transportation, barely working due to transportation problems and dealing with the lost of my father. I felt as if I had no one else to turn to. I knew only the Lord would pull me out of this funk I was in. Shortly after I started praying, I received Public Housing. A lot of people would say that moving into the projects was not a come up but to me, it meant a room for my girls, and a bed for me. I sold the car that was giving me so much trouble (I had gone to jail twice for driving without a license) and quit working to re-enroll in school. It was a hard decision to make but I knew that if I didn't do something different, I would continue to get the same outcome. I got into Kings College as a medical assistant student and I had to figure how I would pay for such an expensive school. I started praying because getting in was the beginning of the battle. I felt as if God was testing my faith. I began riding the bus steady for the first time in my life. I got financial aid, Medicaid, found daycare and babysitters for my girls (there are angels all around) and came up with almost all of the tuition. Now that I have been in school for two months (which is a semester at Kings) I have run into another bump in the road. Although I have a 4.0 average, with an excellent attendance record, that may change once my girls start school. Currently my first class is at 8:00 am, in a week, my girls cant be at school before 8:00. With my prayers and others that are praying for me, I am sure that my next term's schedule will be different so that I may get my 7 and 3 year olds off safely while I continue my journey to a better life. I would like to also ask for the prayers of those reading this that some type of finances are coming my way. I have applied for some assistance but like life, Kings waits for no one. I have been grateful that I was able to pay the first month's tuition payment of $141 but I haven't paid the second and the third is on it's way. I also have immunizations that I must have, but unable to pay for. I just want any and everyone reading this to pray for strength for me and my girls. They deserve so much more than I can give them right now. I don't get help from their fathers so all they can depend on is me. I pray endurance to keep going when it rains, because sometimes it pours. I pray that you all keep me in your prayers.
Dear Brother John, Thank you for checking on me after the storm here in Gastonia, as well as, getting the leak checked in my car. I never had a big brother to look out for me being the baby of four girls. Through you God is looking out for His little girl. May God Bless You Real Good!!! Thanks again!
To: Our Anonymous Friend, May these words reach you and your loved ones in a state of peace and good health. On behalf of myself and my family I would like to thank you for your kindness and generous heart. Your gift and sacrifice goes beyond words, however, I will attempt to illustrate the love that was generated through your action. On February 10th of this year I was released from prison after serving 11 years as a result of the life I chose to live and the decisions I made. God has blessed me to come home to a loving wife and family, as well as, a phenomenal church family in Christ Resurrection Church. I realize that although I lost valuable years of my life due to my incarceration, my debt to society and my fellow man has not been fully paid. There is still much to be done. And in doing so there must be resources available and the means to take action. Your generous gift has given me a stepping stone to stand on as I move along the path to becoming a productive member of functional society. This morning my family and I were blessed to become the proud new owners of a 2000 Volvo S70 sedan. Your gift made this all possible. Yourself, as well as, John Gennings of New Leaf Foundation, and Pastor Ken Gilliard of Christ Resurrection Church, have all shown that you believe in me when most of society would count me out as another statistic of the recidivism rate. I thank you for this. All of you. I know that the glory goes to God – always – but I give you credit for answering His call when you could have turned a deaf ear. I also know that it is important to pay the gift forward to someone else that may be in need. Not just financially, but also with my time and action; and this is my intention. Once again, my family and I thank you sincerely. May God bless you 10 fold.
One Life…One Love…One Destiny, L.J.
The following letter comes from a single parent who had not been able to provide new clothes for her children. They were often teased and made fun of at school for their old clothes that were worn and did not fit. We were able to step in and get new clothes for everyone. The help that my family received from Christ Resurrection Center and a New Leaf Foundation helped at a time in our lives when we were in the greatest need. They have helped in more ways than they could have known. Upon receiving the help I felt encouraged and grateful for what they were doing. Normally I would have shied away from receiving help, but they honestly wanted and were grateful to be able to help. My children were very excited about the new things they had, I have not seen smiles on their faces like that in a very long time. It has helped my kid's self-esteem in more ways than one. They are happier children and more mindful as well. My child not longer complains that they do not want to attend school, out of fear for being teased for not having something. They look forward to going to school so they can attend A Better World afterschool program. My children and I are very thankful that there are such caring people in this world. My kids remind me to treat others fairly, and to help others when they are in need.
Sincerely, N.F.
How are you? Of course you are blessed - you and your family are the MASTERS of GIVING HEARTS! I wanted to tell you all Thanks AGAIN for the wonderful Christmas and New Year start you all have blessed my family and I with. Mainly, I appreciate the opportunity to give and see a difference I have made with several families. It Felt GREAT! We will never forget this! Thanks again!
J & the girls
To say "thank you" would not adequately express the gratitude that I have for what you all have done for me & my family. I'm appreciative of the gifts, the visit, but most of all I am appreciative of how you all demonstrated the love of Christ. You all have certainly been a God send to us. It is my prayer that God will continue to shower his blessing upon you & your family. With heartfelt thanksgiving and love.
On Friday, December 21, 2007, we purchased a van for one of our very hard working families. At 3:56 a.m. on the 22nd we received the following email: Good Morning!!! I know that you told me not to thank you, however, I have to say THANK YOU, again, for allowing God to use you and Laura to bless me in such a tremendous way. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I just came back inside...I had to go out and sit in my new van...just to make sure that I was not dreaming! I am so grateful, to the point of humility, for how God has, yet again, made his presence known to me. This time He took 'blessing' to a whole new level. I need a bigger word than a BLESSING! A few weeks ago, I talked to our congregation about tithing. I told them that tithing is an integral part of 'biblical finances'. I mentioned my car and that I could probably go "somewhere and get another car, right now, but I wasn't going to do that because I knew that the payments would create a problem for me financially". God had not directed me to do that, so it was not an option. I wasn't going to take a chance on having to choose between tithing and making a car payment. I told them that I was just going to keep on tithing and keep on trusting God to provide a solution to my car issue. John, I want to ask Pastor Ken if the congregation can go out on the parking lot and see what God has done for me!!! I want a mega phone so I can loudly proclaim 🙂 ..."I AM NOT SPECIAL, (actually, I am, only because in God's eyes, we all are), but, GOD HAS NO RESPECT OF PERSON, HE DID IT FOR ME, HE WILL DO IT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE. TRUST GOD, BE FAITHFUL AND OBEDIENT...OBEDIENCE EQUALS BLESSINGS!!!! GLORY AND HONOR TO GOD!!! This is the best CHRISTmas PRESENCE I have ever, ever received. I Love You Guys in Jesus Name. If I can ever, ever, ever, do anything to help you all, or help you to help someone else, please don't hesitate to call me.
In October of 2007 we donated a car to a grandmother who was taking care of her two grandchildren and brother who was stricken with the AIDS virus. She was having to walk 1 1/2 miles to the bus stop, another 1 1/2 miles from the bus stop to her work, and then back again at the end of the day. Her grocery store was about a mile away, and she had to push her grocery cart down the street each week. With a car she was able to get a higher paying job and move from 3rd shift to a more normal 9 to 5 job. Below is her letter to us. Dear New Leaf Foundation: I first want to say, God bring people into our lives at the most opportune moments and your presence has been greatly appreciated. I want to say "THANK YOU" for your assistance in obtaining the vehicle. It is a blessing just to be thought of enough that you would do this for my family and me. We are forever in your gratitude. The kindness, thoughtfulness, and compassion showed to my family and me means a lot. We pray that God continues to see your heart and your blessings flow tenfold plus. If there is ever anything I can offer your foundation as a token of my gratitude for your support, please do not hesitate to ask. "I thank God for the miracles and blessings he has brought to my life. As I look around me, I see all that he has done for my family and me and I am humbled by the goodness he has bestowed upon us."
Sincerely, CH
To The Members of The New Leaf Foundation: I can't begin to express what your gift(s) mean to me and my family. The money was most definitely helpful and you all certainly applied it to extremely good use, there's no doubt about that. But more than just the monetary value, I am so grateful and appreciative for the thought behind the gift(s). Hardships are a burden but your actions have really lightened the load. For that especially, I thank you. You not only fed our family with gift cards to the grocery store, you also provided my child's eyeglasses, corrected her orthodontic work, and provided us auto transportation for 6 months. Please know your work will truly be remembered and recognized by not only myself but my children. This time has been difficult for us, but knowing we have the support of such a spiritual group of people like you certainly help a lot. Please know my family and I won't forget your kind acts / gestures. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Sincerely, JB
Dear New Leaf Foundation: I wanted to say “THANK YOU” for the help and support my family and I have received in your assisting with the rental payments, household goods, food and clothing. The kind heart and gracious attitude towards us is appreciated. If there is ever anything I can offer your foundation as a token of my gratitude for your support, please do not hesitate to ask. “Most people don’t see their blessings bestowed on them because their pride and lack of sincerity gets in their way. I thank God daily for your assistance and ask that he continue to bless you and your foundation forever more.”
Sincerely, CH