Who We Are?

New Leaf Foundation is a 501 {c} 3 prisons and youths’ non-profit organization in Pennsylvania, United States, with a registered mission office in Nigeria. We serve as a portal through which justice and opportunity can be asses to those in prisons and youths in our community.


New Leaf Foundation is dedicated to transform the despair into hope by meeting people at the crossroads of life by providing innovative, compassionate, restorative and effective practices to inmates and youths in our community.


Our vision is to transform the cycle of hopelessness into a pathway of hope for thousands of young people; that correctional facilities worldwide will join us in serving as agents of change for at-risk youths; and that those who benefit from our programs will be inspired to be the new face of social change.


  • Love– We endeavor to show love to everyone at the crossroads of life
  • Compassion – Serve in compassion and kindness
  • Hope – Champion hope, change and community
  • Intervention – We connect with people at a critical time in their lives so that they have an opportunity to move forward in a more positive direction with optimism and resolve.
  • Transformation – We relentlessly pursue all avenues of action until all prisons serve as a place of learning and reform.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to the youth we help, to justice systems worldwide, and ultimately to ourselves as humanitarians.

Our Focus

  • Prison
  • Youth
  • Community