The Joseph Experience at NLF is a worship ministry constituted by God to liberating his people through Worship and Praise. The program involves a musical environment conducive to genuine worship, and our focus lies in bringing the body of Christ into the presence of the Lord, displaying our devotion and love to Him. The Joseph Experience Worship has gathered over seven hundred worshippers since inceptions in 2017, from the first JE 1.0 till date and it has also witness great worship ministers with the likes of Pastor Gabriel Eziashi, Dare David, Pastor Temeka Thompson of the Rhema Worship ministry and hosts of other great minds in worship ministry.


The ministry’s sole purpose is to love God and his people, and follow Jesus. Moreover, we achieve this through music as well as our daily activities. We hope to reflect the likeness of Jesus by growing, multiplying, and maturing the disciplines of personal worship.

The Joseph Experience expects to raise money for covering yearly expenses of NLF. The ministry organizes two groups, one in Nigerian and the other in the US. The purpose is to help cover the initial costs of NLF programs, which help bring together artists, ministers and philanthropists to the vision. Guest speakers educate attendees regarding the aftermath of life choices and encourage them to avoid making bad choices that can result in incarceration. These gatherings also provide cognitive tools to address the issue directly.


  • To turn hearts towards God
  • To gather the saints to pray for the prisoners using praise and worship
  • To educate people regarding how to avoid criminal offenses and incarceration
  • To exhibit love, care, and compassion for the inmates

To raise funds for NLF programs