New Leaf Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit organization that reaches out to inmates in Nigeria, many of whom have either been unfairly incarcerated or denied access to a lawyer. The founder of NLF, Dolapo Olowu, has watched Christians of goodwill do rounds in jails to preach the Holy Word to inmates. Despite many inmates being receptive to the Bible teachings, few are able to turn their lives around once they are released.

Former inmates are often met with hostility in their home communities, and the stigma associated with imprisonment makes re-integration almost impossible. Those who are forced to endure imprisonment without appropriate justice take their bitterness back to their respective communities.

For those reasons, NLF takes a different approach than traditional ministries. Passing on the Good News of Christ is still the center of the ministry, but the second arm of the ministry is just as important: the Skills Acquisition programs.

This ensures that the inmates’ minds are fed as well as their souls. Once inmates learn marketable skills, they find it easier to earn respect from other members of their community. Ease of re-integration for former inmates helps reduce crime in communities, and also eases financial burdens on the government.

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Our Mission Is to meet people at the crossroads of life. We endeavor to transform the cycle of hopelessness into hope by using human skills and resources to resuscitate the broken hearted. We aim to aid the helpless suffering from injustice through a successful reintegration into society.

Our Vision To serve as a portal through which justice can be facilitated and accessed, deteriorating incarceration conditions improved, and succor provided.

Our philosophy is one of turning despair into hope. This means we are taking it upon ourselves to catalyze the improvement of Nigeria’s justice system, so that Nigeria’s prisons cease to become death traps for individuals who have the potential to become productive members of society.

OUR CORE VALUES Our six core fundamental values of Compassion, Hope, Love, GraceJustice and Opportunity are the foundational approach to our programs and we strive to live by it day by day.