The Joseph Experience at New Leaf Foundation is a worship ministry constituted by God to liberate his people through Praise and Worship. It is designed to lead others into all-out uncompromised worship of God.


At the Joseph Experience Concert, we create a musical environment conducive to genuine worship in the life of God’s people. This can only happen as we are submitted to His will and empowered by His Holy Spirit.


We believe that worship is the act of displaying our reverence to God. With this in mind, the focus of our worship ministry is to bring the body of Christ into the presence of the Lord, displaying our love and devotion to Him.


The Joseph Experience at New Leaf Foundation exists to:

Love God, Love People and Follow Jesus.

We are people who give honor and glory to our Creator and King through music and our daily activities. Realizing that worship is how we demonstrate what we value most, we choose to give the best of our talents, efforts and creativity to God. We desire to reflect the likeness of Jesus by multiplying, growing and maturing through the disciplines of personal worship.


The Joseph Experience is expected to raise funds to cover NLF’s annual operating expenses. Two concerts are given annually under the Joseph Experience Worship Ministry – one in Nigeria, inside the prisons, and one in the United States.

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The Joseph Experience Worship Ministry is primarily designed to raise funds for the initiation of NLF programs. The program brings together invited artists, philanthropists, and ministers of God from around the world to contribute to the vision of NLF. At the concert, NLF collects donations to be used towards designated project expenses of NLF. Two Joseph Experience concerts are conducted annually, one each in the United States and Nigeria. Guest speakers educate attendees about the consequences of life choices and encourage them to avoid making bad choices that can lead to incarceration. This intervention model addresses the negative thinking patterns of incarcerated juveniles and provides cognitive tools to address the issue directly.

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Program Objectives

  • To pour our hearts out to God and implore the Lord for divine intervention like Joseph experienced in the Bible.
  • To gather the saints to pray for the inmates, using praise and worship as a tool to embrace a better future and to follow Christ.
  • To educate people about preventive measures, dangers, and the abuses of life experienced by today’s youth.
  • To demonstrate love, compassion, and care for the inmates.
  • To raise funds through worship to support the NFL visions and programs.