Everyone has to eat, and many prefer artistic culinary creations over the basics of bread and meat. The food industry is guaranteed clients in perpetuity! Providing a creative outlet for those with a passion for art and cooking, the baking program offers inmates an opportunity to make a living baking creative confections in the kitchen, satisfying both their creative nature and their financial needs with one successful skill.

This program involves making cakes, sweets, snacks, small confectioneries, and cookies.

It is a very practical, yet lucrative, easy-to-learn skill set. Participants in the program learn both technical and business aspects of the trade. Customer service and accurate fulfillment of customer requests are stressed heavily throughout the training.  Participants are taught kitchen safety, along with the techniques required for sketching original designs to create, accurate measurement of ingredients, proper use of cookware and specialized utensils, bulk cooking, and achieving consistency time after time in the finished product. Graduates obtain employment with institutions such as hotels, public houses, caterers, schools, hospitals, or churches.  Some even choose to work in prisons, using their newfound skills to give back to others in need with a special understanding that only a former inmate can offer.

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Program Objectives

The graduate will be able to:

  • Sketch
  • Create original designs
  • Employ basic kitchen safety
  • Measure accurately
  • Exercise proper baking techniques
  • Use cookware correctly and efficiently
  • Fulfill customer requests accurately, efficiently, and with professional courtesy
  • Cook in bulk