Amazing graphic designs are in high demand in today’s technical world.  Every business needs its own expertly crafted logo for their website, trademark, billboards, etc. Not everyone can create amazing graphic designs.  Businesses will pay top dollar for the most talented graphic designers.  For the inmate who is not built for manual labor but has artistic talent, the graphic design program offers an excellent opportunity to make a successful living doing something he enjoys. Because there is so much more required for graphic design today than just the ability to draw in pen and ink, New Leaf Foundation provides training to access and direct the inherent artistic talent of qualified inmates.


The graphic design program gives inmates the opportunity to develop their intrinsic artistic design skills using the most modern software and hardware available.  Students learn various software design programs and use specialized equipment to create graphics. Those completing the program exit as capable graphic design artists and join the workforce in areas such as advertising, marketing, and other industries requiring art media.

Image module

Program Objectives

The graduate will be able to:

  • Use a variety of graphic design software programs to create graphics
  • Express true artistry through the creation of graphic designs Use a variety of graphic design tools and equipment skillfully