Masonry is an ancient art form, dating at least as far back as the pyramids of Egypt. It involves building structures piece by piece from individual materials such as brick, marble, granite, limestone, concrete block, etc. While constructions such as the pyramids have lasted for centuries, the durability of the work is highly dependent on the quality of workmanship demonstrated by the craftsman.  Skilled masonry and brickwork laborers are highly trained professionals whose labor is sought by those in need of quality work, making it a profession that can provide a good income for the individual who is willing and able to perform the manual labor required.

New Leaf Foundation trains inmates, especially those with little formal education, in the art of brickwork and masonry.  Our intensive practical training program provides inmates with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver highly skilled brickwork service. Trainees receive instruction in all aspects of masonry and become adept at making, setting, and laying brick, tile, and stone.  As skilled laborers, they earn far more than unskilled heavy manual laborers, which allows them to be self-supporting and thus more likely to be successful in post-prison life.

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Program Objectives

The graduate will be able to:

  • Make bricks
  • Lay bricks
  • Plan, design, measure and implement placement of brick, tile, etc.
  • Perform all aspects of stonework
  • Lay interlocking masonry