Photography careers are very rewarding, both artistically and financially. In this day and age of modern technology, there is an unlimited demand for professionals who can keep up with the updates and trends in the world of photography.
The Photography and Digital Imaging program integrates the latest digital photo technology with traditional photographic techniques. The program is designed with hands-on training from experienced instructors. The trainees will get the skills they need to achieve success as a professional photographer. Upon graduation, they will have a professional portfolio and a working knowledge of the digital workflow process.

Image module

Program Objectives

The graduate will be able to:

  • Employ traditional photographic skills: composition, exposure, camerawork, and metering and lighting techniques
  • Offer a wide range of photographic services, including portraiture, product, studio, and location photography
  • Competently use the latest developments in digital photo technology: digital SLR cameras, highend digital capture backs, and digital capture technology
  • Make informed decisions about the business aspects of the profession, including costs of equipment, consumables, marketing, and salaries