Today’s world is extremely dependent on technology, making a career in technology a good bet for a paycheck. Web designers make a website have the look and feel of the owner’s brand. They ensure that pages function correctly, load up quickly, have working menus, miscellaneous buttons work, etc.  They must also continuously update websites.  Websites are never truly “finished.”  Frequent updates and changes to software and computer programs means continual updating of web page material and functions to ensure that pages don’t stop working or don’t work incorrectly because the technology has changed.  The large number of existing websites and those yet to be built creates a huge number of jobs to be filled by the tech savvy individual who enjoys the challenge of keeping up with all the changes.

New Leaf Foundation provides training in web development for inmates interested in a challenging career. Web development offers highly intelligent, ambitious, analytical thinkers an opportunity to use their programming skills to create programs and applications for the World Wide Web.  Students taking web development classes learn the coding skills necessary to build a website from the ground up. They practice the skills necessary to interact with clients to obtain the details and style – the “branding” –  the client wants incorporated into the site.  They combine their communication skills with creative skills  to design a website that reflects the client’s vision for the site.

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Program Objectives

The graduate will be able to:

  • Use various software programs
  • Design functional, user-friendly web pages that operate quickly, smoothly, and efficiently
  • Use appropriate internet protocols and web development software
  • Install software
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot web page and website issues
  • Debug
  • Skillfully handle customer service interactions