Help for Prisoners in Nigeria

New Leaf Foundation (NLF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with offices in the United States and Nigeria. We work tirelessly to improve the state of Nigeria’s prisons.  Our goal is to initiate and support system reforms so that prisoners are re-integrated into society as better citizens and useful contributors to the work force. To accomplish this, we must change the way prisons are currently run in Nigeria.  We encourage prison management to bring humanity into the prison system. We provide instruction to teach prisoners skills to prepare them for jobs when they are released.  Under our auspices, training programs are incorporated into the prison system that help prisoners become self-reliant, improve their self-esteem, and make them more likely to survive successfully when re-integrated into their respective communities upon release.

Why We Need to Help Nigerian Inmates

  • Nigerian prison conditions are deplorable, with conditions often analogous to death traps.
  • Thousands of inmates are unjustly incarcerated and have no recourse.
  • Cases can take years to go to trial.
  • Many inmates lose hope and succumb to death in prison.
  • Many former inmates suffer trauma and do not have the skill sets to find work in their communities.
  • Re-integration into communities is challenging, if not impossible.
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Goals: NLF is committed to inspiring inmates and prison staff with the power of Christ. NLF will work with many of the 240 prisons throughout Nigeria, each with horrific living conditions.
NLF seeks to empower the inmates to become independent and be in a position to contribute to the national economy after their release. Within the next three years, New Leaf Foundation will reach a minimum of 10,000 inmates across Nigeria.

Objectives: NLF will measure its success through a well-planned set of objectives, including teaching Nigeria’s prison staff what good practices are in relation to prison management and inmate welfare during incarceration; ensuring the rights of Nigeria’s inmates and detainees; bringing education to Nigeria’s inmates regardless of religion or race; bringing acceptable health care, valid employment, and a sense of purpose through Christ to all inmates; and providing education and skills to inmates that can translate into marketable skills after their release.

NLF in Action: At New Leaf Foundation, we will work through ministry, as well as through revival and skills acquisition programs. The five major programs envisioned by NLF include the Joseph Experience, Prison Outreach, Compassion Ministry, Re-entry programs, and Free Legal Aid Services.