A Non-profit Organization that Helps Nigerian Inmates
New Leaf Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit organization that reaches out to inmates in Nigeria, many of whom have either been unfairly incarcerated or denied access to a lawyer. The founder of NLF, Dolapo Olowu, has watched well-meaning Christians make rounds in jails to preach the Holy Word to inmates. Despite many inmates being receptive to the Bible teachings, few are able to turn their lives around once they are released.

Traditional Approaches Don’t Work
Former inmates are often met with hostility in their home communities, and the stigma associated with imprisonment makes re-integration almost impossible. Those who are forced to endure imprisonment without appropriate justice take their bitterness back to their respective communities.

A Different Approach for Better Results
NLF takes a different approach than traditional, less successful ministries. Passing on the Good News of Christ is still the center of the ministry, but the second arm of the ministry is just as important: the Skills Acquisition Programs.

Feed the Soul AND the Mind
Our Skills Acquisition Programs ensure that the inmates’ minds are fed, as well as their souls. Once inmates learn marketable skills, they find it easier to earn respect from other members of their community. Ease of re-integration for former inmates helps reduce crime in communities, which, in turn, eases financial burdens on the government.

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NLF’s Leadership Team NLF’s leadership team runs the daily operations of the organization, ensuring that tasks geared towards fulfilling NLF’s goals are accomplished well and completed on time. Although the organization utilizes the professional services and talents of gracious volunteers, a team of staff members is necessary in order to guarantee the smooth flow of operations under all circumstances.

Maintaining Goals and IntegrityNew Leaf Foundation is blessed with strong leadership, comprised of educated and knowledgeable individuals. Their wealth of professional expertise, high ethical standards and excellent leadership skills secure the foundation and provide the driving force behind NLF’s goals. Their relentless dedication to the task of ensuring that the government of Nigeria and other stakeholders fulfill their obligations in regards to the welfare of inmates and former inmates is inexorable. They continuously assess and reassess NLF’s guiding principles to ensure the success of the organization’s long-term goals, designing and revising NLF’s strategic plan to remain focused, purposeful and effective.  To maintain NLF’s reputation of integrity, the board also oversees all transactions made in the name of the organization to ensure that they are conducted legally and ethically.

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